Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How many videographers will be filming my wedding?

A - Love Frame Cinema packages # 1 and #2 include one cinematographer.  However, at least two HD cameras will be utilized throughout your wedding to ensure thorough coverage of your event.  If you choose Love Frame Package #3 or #4, a second cinematographer will be added to film your wedding, as well as coverage of your groom preparations.


Q - What is a documentary style edit?

A - A documentary style (or journalistic) wedding video, or a “documentary edit”, is essentially a play-by-play video of your wedding day from start to finish, professionally edited in a way to engage the audience.  It’s the traditional approach to wedding videos – a chronological exhibition of your wedding event, with all of the important moments professionally edited.


Q - What is a cinematic wedding trailer?

A - A cinematic style wedding video provides a more artistic approach to filmmaking.  It is really a short movie of your wedding day, complete with a well-chosen musical soundtrack.  It’s not edited in complete chronological order, often jumping, for example, from a recitation of a reception toast to quiet scenes during morning preparations to heartwarming shots of the bride and groom repeating their vows at the altar to the exciting grand entrance at the reception ballroom.  Our trailers are three to five minutes in length and contain audio excerpts in addition to a musical selection.  Love Frame Cinema packages #2, #3 and #4 all include a 3-5 minute cinematic wedding trailer.


Q - Where can I find examples of your cinematic wedding trailers?

A - Links to many of our recent 3-5 minute wedding trailers can be found on our webpage’s blog: http://loveframecinema.com/blog/